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Premier Clean Franchise | Window Cleaning Franchise

Our franchise model has been developed exclusively to recognise and reward the hard work, loyalty and commitment of our employees/agents. It’s important to us that every team member is invested in our long term success and this is our way of rewarding you for your valuable contribution to the the growth of the company. It gives you the opportunity to share in our success and build a solid future for you and your family. Everyone wins – which is what makes this such an exciting business model!

Over the last 12 years we have worked hard to innovate, develop and improve our management and marketing systems to create the successful business model we have today. We are also making a considerable investment into the company for 2022, positioning us for significant growth over the next 5 years. This will produce a number of exciting franchise opportunities as we extend our territories.

What is the cost of a Premier Clean Franchise?

The franchise fee to buy into the business is £4995 exc vehicle/equipment. (This is a very sensible price compared to many offering less benefits).

If you enrol in our Franchise Rewards Program and collect 1000 points, this fee will be fully covered by your points. This means you can invest in a Premier franchise with ZERO capital.

What is included in the cost of this window cleaning franchise?

  • The legal right to trade under the Premier Clean brand under a fixed term franchise agreement. This can be renewed at zero cost upon expiry for another fixed term (subject to clean trading record)
  • Immediate access to a continued supply of work though our extensive database of regular customers (max of £2000 week for sole operators)
  • Use of our proprietary pricing systems to simplify the acquisition of new business guaranteeing your continued profitability.
  • Use of all company branded literature, logos, signage, uniform and profile on company website to assist you in the marketing and public image of your business.
  • Access to all our proprietary management and marketing systems to ensure the smooth, efficient running of your business. Increasing your sales conversions whilst saving you time.
  • Use of all our training materials, operations manual and other administrative documents to improve efficiency and massively reduce time spent on admin.
  • Advice on accounting, legal matters etc through our network of trusted providers.
  • Continual support and mentoring from management to help support your personal and financial growth.

How do I qualify for a Premier Clean Franchise?

If you’ve worked for us for at least 12 months, have a good employment record, and have 1000 Franchise Reward Points, or can invest the required fee of £4995, then you are eligible to join our franchise program.

Not all franchises are equal

  • Almost every service franchise model requires an initial investment between £4000 – £20000. This is usually before the franchisee has even experienced what it’s like to work in that business.
  • You’re then required to complete their training, follow their operations manual diligently, and work your ass off to find new customers…all at your expense.
  • This will take 12-24 months to achieve. The franchisor cannot lose with this model and makes money on selling you a business regardless of whether you’re suited to it, or are successful with it.

What makes a Premier Clean Franchise so different?

  • The Premier Clean model is different because not just anybody can invest in our business or brand, it’s not for sale to anyone who hasn’t worked in the business or partnered with us and gone through our training. We want to be sure we’re a great fit for each other and share similar values.
  • Whilst you work for us you are being paid for all your training and development in the company. This prepares you for your franchise business. This means zero risk or expense to you – unlike any other franchise model, where you have to train and learn at your own expense.
  • You will be provided with a continued supply of work through our extensive database of regular customers (max of £2000 week for sole operators). This is very rare in the world of franchising.
  • You’ll have access to our proven management and marketing systems helping you to run your business more efficiently and saving you time.

Normal Franchise Fee without points is £4995 **The only investment required in addition to the franchisee fee is to put your own van and equipment on the road. We’ve been doing this for years so have all the experience, contacts and skills to steer you in the right direction, simplifying the process and saving you a lot of time and money.

What can I expect to make in a Premier Clean Franchise | Window Cleaning franchise ?

Your income will depend on your own individual ambitions. We have 2 types of franchise agreement available:

Independent Franchisee

If you’re happy to work alone and not employ staff, you’ll make £40-50k a year as a solo operator, working less hours than a typical working week giving you the perfect lifestyle business.

Master Franchisee

If you’re ambitious and enjoy the prospect of managing a business bigger than you, then the sky’s the limit, but using our proprietary management systems and models you can realistically expect to make at least £50-60k a year.

What’s the next step?

If you like the idea of running your own Premier Clean franchise and want to take that first step to running a window cleaning franchise then speak to management and we’ll get you set up on our Franchise Rewards Program to help you fund your franchise. We’ll also begin a mentoring programme to get you prepared and trained for your exciting new franchise journey.